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Mercurey 1st Cru - Domaine Gaelle & Jerome

Mercurey 1st Cru - Domaine Gaelle & Jerome

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Mercurey 1st Cru 2019 - Domaine Gaelle & Jerome - French White Wine

This estate was born in 2005 from a few plots in Mercurey by Gaëlle and Jérôme who worked in the winery and also in wine laboratory analysis. Based in the village of Barizey, 5 miles from Mercurey, they have 10ha worked with minimal intervention, low yields, and little chaptalization. It is all hand-harvested and sorted, the fruit being the focus with gentle oak, not only the result of the excellent terroir but also of quality-focused appellation laws. The maximum yield here is closer to the stringent regulations of the Cote d’Or than to the slightly more relaxed rules that apply to the rest of the Chalonnaise.

Full-bodied with hazelnut and slightly toasted aromas. Buttery and complex with a golden straw yellow colour.

Serve 10 - 12°C. An ideal accompaniment to chicken and turkey dishes, as well as fish and cheese.

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