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Sustainable wine
Here at Red Fox Wines it is beyond important to us that we are continuously trying to seek a better and more sustainable way of doing things.
What we do
- Nearly all of our packaging is made in the UK and are manufactured from 100% waste materials.
- Everything is 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and in many cases, re-usable. 
- All of our packing is recyclable.
- We condense our deliveries to work towards less emission output.
- We even sit in the dark with out laptops to reduce our power usage.
- Source wine from sustainable producers.
- We continue to add more organic and biodynamic suppliers to our extensive portfolio.
Our suppliers
- Hardy&Co Tomato Juice -
"We Use ‘wonky’ tomatoes. Use surplus heat and CO2 from a neighbouring electric generator. We fully compost every bit of waste including the string we hang the vines with. We also use rainwater collected from the greenhouse roofs. and pollinating the plants with British bees.
- Didier Chateau Haut Peyrat -
"Our property is really in this clean cycle. Several points: We recycle vine shoots to heat the entire property, no hydrocarbons or electricity. 100% natural. We recover rainwater from the 1800 M² of roofs to water the green spaces and clean the tractors. We do not use chemicals to weed, only mechanical or with sheep. The estate is certified by the government High Environmental Value since 2017".
- Black and Bianco
"Our Prosecco is Vegan and Organic.
We work with aluminum bottles (sustainable) and these products are all natural."
"Le Brun de Neuville occupies a driving role amongst its vine growers encouraging them to adopt sustainable viticulture practices. Grapes from organic vineyards, grown without any herbicides, ploughed and certified “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (or “Viticulture Durable en Champagne”(VDC) are valued. During harvest time, grapes are handpicked, pressed and vinified according to grape variety, village of production and agricultural practice This selection allows us to broaden the choice of vins clairs in preparation for the blending stage. This ecological commitment continues in the new design of our bottles: Our labels and giftboxes are digitally printed (in Champagne) to avoid wasting paper. Our papers are recycled and we no longer use solvents. Our cases are printed locally on raw paper, without treatment and from French or European forests managed sustainably. Finally, our Capfoils are made from a French metal in Reims. And instead of using plastic from petroleum in it, we have chosen to replace it with polyethylene from sugar cane."
We aren't perfect yet but we are striding to be so.