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Trenel - Julianas Les Capitans

Trenel - Julianas Les Capitans


Wine Making: Partly destemmed grapes macerated for 26 days with the temperature maintained around 30°C. Ageing during 12 months, one half in big barrels (demi muid) and the other in tanks. No fining, light filtration

Appellation: The Climat Les Capitans is the most famous of the Juliénas appellation. Its soil, a mix of clay and granite, ensures a stable water supply throughout the year and thanks to its southern exposure, the grapes ripen optimally to produce a truly exceptional wine

Tasting: This wine reveals a deep bouquet. Its nose is complex, with dark fruits, tobacco and liquorice, typical aromas of its terroir.

The impression on the palate unveils the numerous qualities of this wine. It is powerful, with tannins softened by its long ageing and perfectly balanced, with a touch of freshness most welcome in this solar vintage. The aromas are particularly long-lasting on the palate, indicator of an exceptional wine.

How to Drink & Serve: Serve between 12-15. Pair with game meats such as venison, pigeon or kangaroo.

Country: France

Grape: Gammy Noir

Region: Burgandy

Sweetness: Dry

Vol: 13%

Year: 2016