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Mon Rosé de Montrose 2019 Magnum
Mon Rosé de Montrose 2019 Magnum

Mon Rosé de Montrose 2019 Magnum


Domaine Montrose is a family wine estate founded in 1701 when the "Three Lizards" coat of arms was given to the ancestor of Olivier Coste. Montrose is located a few kilometers away from the Mediterranean sea, on the great "Côtes de Thongue" terroir. Olivier's goal is to create authentic and elegant wines. Domaine Montrose is about 40 mins drive from Beziers on the South coast of France. They’re making a range of wines using local varietals and respectful winemaking. All of their roses are Provencal in style – light pink, dry, pure.

The property has been in the Coste family since 1701, that’s 9 generations now. There’s also some buildings/ruins on site which they believe date back much longer. Olivier Coste is the current winemaker and has worked alongside his dad since his teens.

Sustainability – Certified HVE 3, Carbon Neutral since 2019. They also have wood/grassland areas which they leave to grow naturally surrounding the vineyards. This helps to encourage biodiversity in the vineyards and offers natural protection from the elements. They are part of a group committed to planting Mediterranean trees (olive, almost, oak and more) in and around vineyards – so far they’ve planted 3000 from 21 different species.
“This wine has a wonderful freshness with pure strawberry flavours and an amazing length.”

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Type: Rose
Country: France
Vintage: 2019

ABV: 12.5%
Volume: 150CL
Grape: Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah