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Le Clos D'Entre Les Murs 2013 - Chateau du Parnay

Le Clos D'Entre Les Murs 2013 - Chateau du Parnay

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Clos D'Entre Les Murs - French White Wine

This wine is from a world's unique "Clos" built by Antoine Cristal at the end of the 19th Century. On top of the surrounding walls of the "Clos", there are 11 walls built every 2 rolls of vines. Each of these walls has holes near the ground so that the vine can pass through these holes to face the south are protected from the wind. The vines will then have, as the French say 'cool feet and warm stomach from the sun'

The colour is crystal-like yellow. The nose is complex, very mineral, and marked by subtle aromatic notes of thyme, linden, and quince. The Limestone Terroir is very obvious. The mouth is impressing with its power and subtlety. The exceptional qualities of 'Clos' give this wine a very unique personality. The mature white fruits mix well with the floral oaky notes, making it a very high-level wine.

How to Drink & Serve: Serve between 10-12°C. The perfect pairing recommendation is with grilled or cooked shell-fish, finely prepared fish, or white meat cooked with cream.

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