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Celebrations Box Set
Celebrations Box Set

Celebrations Box Set


Everything you need for a day of celebrations and also the morning after!

Whats included:


The Grampus Inn Grampus Gin - The Most local gin to Barnstaple, Grampus Gin is a small batch dry gin, distilled and hand crafted at the Grampus Inn. A subtle selection of botanicals, some here from here in Lee, North Devon, have been carefully chosen and balanced to give a fresh, lively finish.

Accompanied by…

Fever Tree Light Tonic - Our Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic Water uses a handful of different botanicals, including our distinctive natural quinine and oils from Mexican Bitter Oranges, to give a uniquely clean and refreshing taste and aroma. The only difference between the original tonic and this lighter example is that they use fruit sugars as a sweetener instead of sugar cane – same great taste, 46% fewer calories.


Le Brun De Neuville - Rose Par Champagne. The Champagne displays a fluid and shiny raspberry pink colour, with orange-pink highlights and a lively steam of refined bubbles. It suggests both freshness and full of nuances. The first nose reveals toasty notes with scents of raspberry, strawberry, liquorice, almond. When aerated it evolves towards aromas of blackcurrant, redcurrant, blood orange, pomelo, rose, peach, marzipan, peppermint, wet chalk. The approach in the palate is supple and fresh with a creamy effervescence. The Champagne develops pulpy and velvety matter well sustained by a fresh acidity reminding those of pomelo. The middle mouth is orchestrated by chalky minerality, enhances fruity freshness and vinous coating. The finish is full and savory, with a charmer tactile feel and minty aromas that prolongs enjoyment and invites to share.


Trenel - Fleurie 2017 - Tasting: This wine presents a deep consistent red with beautiful purple tints. Its nose is powerful, mingling violet and peony with cherry and spicy notes of pepper, liquorice and leather. Very smooth and balanced on the palate. Its fruity aromas give it a powerful length.

Trenel - Macon Villages 2018 - Tasting: This wine possesses a brilliant golden colour. Its nose is fresh and floral with citrus notes. In the mouth, the wine is soft and round with a great length. The final is crisp and very pleasant with a citrusy touch.


Wild Mary Vodka - Vodka sold with one 250ml bottle of The Feisty One and one 250ml bottle of The Pure One. "Handcrafted in England. Original Wild Mary Vodka created specifically for all you Bloody Mary lovers.” Using all natural ingredients, distilled locally in the Surrey Hills, Wild Mary Vodka  bursts with infusions of wild rosemary, black pepper, bay leaf, coriander, coffee & cacao. Expect full round flavours of warming chilli, spice and smoke...Add a double shot and your Bloody Mary's will never be the same again. 

Accompanied by…

The Feisty One - Intensely spiced, rich, rounded, pokey and consistently perfect as a damn fine virgin or Bloody Mary, Maria, Snapper. A Sunday morning dream ticket.

The Pure One - celebrating the sublime taste and stewardship of the Isle of Wight tomatoes and perfect for home spicing as we all have the best Bloody Mary recipe! As used in some of the finest restaurants, bars and hotels in England.