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Les Terriens - Brézème

Les Terriens - Brézème


Wine Making: The Vinification is manual harvesting, de-stemmed and then sent to a vibrating table. The grapes are then sent to the tanks on a conveyor belt and then in the maceration stage for 20 days within a temperature-controlled environment. Malolactic fermentation in Barrels. The grapes are aged for 12 months in a truncated vat and barrels, racking and blending 6 weeks before bottling.

Terroir: The vines are nestled on the hillsides of the left bank of the Rhone Valley, just about Liveron-sur-Drome. Once plated by the Romans, this south-facing terroir is now the smallest vineyard on the left bank. Only a dozen winemakers are lucky enough to own this exceptional land. The soils are made up of dark clay and limestone cultivating a wine like no other.

Tasting: The appearance is a beautiful intense ruby colour with an intense first aroma of black fruits and smoked cured meats. The taste is full-bodied, silky tannins and a long finish of dark berries. Brézème holds its own unique personality and holds it with elegance and long-lasting aromas.

How to Drink & Serve: Serving between 14-16°C. Recommendation for Brezeme is braised lamb, roasted vegetables such as peppers and aubergines or Pork chops with a hint of chilli.

Consume within 10 years.

Country: France

Grape: Syrah

Region: Rhone Valley

Sweetness: Dry

Vol: 13%

Year: 2017