Our Journey

A lunch in Condrieu, this is how myself (Nathan), Clive, Julian and Ollie started to understand the history behind wine creating millions of moments of happiness, during the winemaking process and the opening of the last bottle. We came home in ore and on 5th October 2018, Red Fox Wines was born.

June 21st, a day that will forever be memorable, over a few beers and a bottle of Provence Rosé, myself (Nathan), Clive, Julian and Ollie came up with a crazy idea that we could start importing wine from some close connections of ours. Little did I know that 1 week later all four of us would be on a flight heading to the Rhône Valley.

Everything seemed to go quiet, we were all in awe of this stunning landscape with vines as far as the eye could see. We drove straight to Côte Rôtie where we all had a pinch yourself moment, Driving just past Guigal and Chapoutier we pulled into the Lieu-Dit of Les Terriens Côte Rôtie where Loic and Pierre were waiting with a bottle of 2015 Côte Rôtie with a selection of saucisson with the most incredible passion pouring out of them with every word they said. A Eureka! moment ensued., This industry was the one we all wanted to be in from now on.

After the flying visit, we came home and started researching and applying for every licence that was required to be wine importers and in September 2018, Red Fox Wines was born.

We have spent nearly a year building a portfolio, studying, winemaking and developing our brand. Currently, we are working with a few close on-trade customers and want to extend to off-trade. With three different palates, we have created a portfolio that is diverse and can suit an array of wine preferences.


Memories of making wine with my Grandfather which we named ‘Bury Brew’ started my love for wine. We used to spend summers with him making Bury Brew. One of my favourite memories is when we had all gone to bed, we heard a massive bang, I still to this day do not know what we did but the wine had exploded all over the cellar and we spent the next few days cleaning wine from the floors, ceilings and every nook and cranny you could think of. I always thought working with wine was a pipe dream but here we are, loving every minute of it


My wine journey started at a young age from my Grandfather’s love of fine red wine. With memories of being given slightly watered down Chateauneuf du Pape, I developed a love and passion for fine wine from my three favourite regions the Rhône Valley, Bordeaux and Burgundy.


After a big move for myself and my family to Australia, I started working in some of Perth’s most affluent restaurants. After an event at Indiana’s in Cottesloe with Plantagenet wines, I fell love with the world of wine in Margret river. I started visiting all of the vineyards that I possibly could, dabbled in some wine cellar management and studied as much as I could. A few years later I moved back to West Sussex and the idea of Red Fox Wines was born. I am a huge fan of Organic, Biodynamic and wines in conversion. On our travels around the world of wine I look for smaller vineyards who are unique in some of the biggest appellations.

Our Clients

What Our Customers Think

Jasmin Cary
I've been ordering wine now for a couple of months and had great service and help. Thanks, Jas.
Jasmin Cary
Purchased on December 13th,2019
Lynn James
Outstanding selection of french wines with an array of diversity. Very interested to see where this company goes.
Lynn James
Purchased on October 23rd,2019
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