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Domaine des Berioles - La Chabanne

Domaine des Berioles - La Chabanne


Wine Making: Since taking on his parents’ vineyards, Jean has focused on improving the domain's viticultural practices. He started by regularly ploughing the soils, and he is now slowly converting to organic viticulture, with certification expected for 2019. Moving forward, he also participates in biodynamic training sessions with the Massons and has already incorporated biodynamic infusions of rhubarb, meadowsweet, horsetail, and comfrey into his viticultural methods to reduce the need for copper treatments.

Terroir: Clay, Limestone soils

Tasting: Fine and subtle notes of cherry, spices and a little undergrowth. On the mouth, it is mineral with a lot of muscle for Pinot Noir. Tight tannins with a great structure.

How to Drink & Serve: Serve between 12 - 14°C and to be paired with Liver, Omelettes or crispy potatoes.

Country: France

Grape: Pinot Noir

Region: South Loire

Sweetness: Dry

Vol: 12.5%

Year: 2017